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COMFORT product line model: ICONIC, GLAM, CHIC

31.10.17, 08:00h

A nappy bag does not have to boring
The COMFORT product line is a solution for modern, well-organised women. If you're looking for a multi-functional bag that will be handy during strolls, in a café or in travel, the ICONIC, GLAM and CHIC models are worth considering. The wide range of designs and the functionality will meet the expectations of even the most demanding Mums.

COMFORT is more than a practical nappy bag.
The bags are made from high quality materials and they will hold everything that may be useful during outings with your baby. Their modern design and unique form distinguish them from typical nappy bags. They can be readily used for other purposes: when you go to work, shopping or to see your friends. COMFORT bags make sure you look stylish and feminine in every situation!
* Quick access pockets. Many Mums wish they had more than two hands.
Thanks to the external pockets, now you will quickly find your keys, mobile or a dummy.

* Reinforced finish. Wet sand at a playground or a floor will not be a problem when you have to put your bag down.
The metal feet protect your bag bottom from damage.

* Snap-hook. You can fasten or unfasten the bag to/from the pram or pushchair, carry it on your shoulder and in your hand.
o handles made from eco-leather and a solid system of metal snap-hooks make it possible to adapt the bag in the way you need
o nickel plated elements will handle greater loads and guarantee stability
o adjustable straps enable practical and individual adapting so that the bag may be carried at the pram/pushchair or on Mum's shoulder

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