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New collection NATURAL NURSING Modern response to babies' natural needs!

31.10.17, 08:00h

NATURAL NURSING collection includes products to support natural feeding. Unique structure of the teat, anti-colic
valve and contoured shape of the bottle resembling mother's breast make bottle feeding a safe alternative that
does not disturb the natural sucking reflex.

Anti-colic feeding bottle 180 ml 260 ml
Unique shape: Specially designed shape at the base, imitating mother's breast. The profiled shape of the base
facilitates comfortable and stable grip, even for babies' little hands.

Anti-colic teat: Unique structure of the teat promotes
the natural sucking reflex via appropriate distribution of tensions. Silicone teat end imitates the shape of a breast nipple. Unique structure of the teat features thoughtfully designed hollows of increasing sizes,which ensures the teat's active "up and down" operation.

Non-spill cup with a soft spout 180 ml: The spout is made from special silicone which is friendly to babies' sensitive gums,
it facilitates natural transition from a feeding bottle to a drinking cup. The lid ensures hygiene in travel. The rubber-coated handles enable safe grip. Non-spill cup - the special
design of the spout ensures controlled flow of liquids.

Non-spill cup with a hard spout 260 ml: Non-spill cup - the special design of the spout ensures controlled flow of liquids.

The collection comprises compatible items, so that you can choose the products that currently meet your baby's needs. All of the products are BPA free.

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