Innovation Award - Most inventive products news

Due to the high dedication of the baby and toddler outfitting industry and its creative innovations Kind + Jugend establish the Innovation Award which traditionally elects the most inventive product developments on the first day of the fair.

The winners' tags in the 8 award categories have established in the industry and are now acting as a good sales argument and an important criteria for quality in international trade.

Review: The winners 2017

Company: Heetee Baby Company
Product: Heetee Power System

A pram with an integrated heating system and a docking station for USB-operated devices integrated into the handle. The energy is generated by pushing the pram and can be stored.

Company: HTS BeSafe AS
Product: BeSafe iZi Flex FIX

A children's car seat, equipped with a special pelvic belt system that holds the child perfectly and even more securely in position. Thanks to its flexibly removable side protection, the transport of three children sitting next to one another is possible.

Company: Sofamo - Papa, Maman et Moi
Product: Jule's Bag

The product is a changing table and a backpack in one, and is especially suited for men. It combines design with function. The back side of the bag can be transformed into a mobile diapering surface.

Company: Mippaa BV
Product: Stair Trainer

This first modular children's stair railing can be mounted effortlessly, is suitable for any staircase format and any incline angle, and makes it easier for kids to climb stairs.

Company: Skip Hop
Product: Explore & More Follow-Bee Crawl Toy

This toy promotes the development of the child in three stages with its sensor movement technology from grasping mechanism till crawling.

Company: Angel Baby ltd
Product: My Skin Sensitive

Is a complete series of clothing and home textiles for premature babies and babies with sensitive skin or skin disorders. The baby body consists of two layers of fabric and is produced seamless to avoid skin irritation.

Company: Miniland
Product: Sweetbeat

The device, designed as a Bluetooth Doppler heartbeat monitor, makes it possible to hear heart sounds in real time, as well as the prenatal activities of the foetus from the 12th to the 14th week, and to record them.

Company: Childhome
Product: Evolu 180

The chair with the safe pivoting function makes it possible for parents to place the child in three different positions without having to lift the chair.

General infomations about the Innovation Award

Only registered exhibitors of Kind + Jugend are entitled to participate in the Innovation Award.

The competition is open to newly developed products and refined products that have been on the market no longer than one year (from 1 September 2017) and have not been exhibited at Kind + Jugend before. Those products must differ from the products that are already on the market in terms of their design, appearance, materials, mode of use and/or technology.

The products must be completely developed and exhibited at Kind + Jugend 2018 as well as they must offer consumers a special practical advantage.

Every exhibitor at Kind + Jugend 2018 has the right to register a maximum of products to the Kind + Jugend Innovation Award competition. The registration for the first product costs Euro190.00, each additional product entry will cost Euro 300.00. If the product is nominated, further Euro 100.00 per product are due. For first–time-exhibitors the registration is free of charge.

Up to five innovations will be nominated in each category. The award winner will be elected from those nominees.

The Kind + Jugend Innovation Award will be presented in eight categories:

  • World of Moving Kids
    babies, infants and kids carriages and travel systems
  • World of Travelling Kids
    car safety seats for babies, infants and kids
  • World of Moving Kids & Travelling Kids Accessories
    accessories for carriages, travel systems and car safety seats for babies, infants and kids
  • World of Kids Safety at Home
    security devices for babies, infants and kids
  • World of Kids Toys
    toys for babies, infants and kids
  • World of Kids Textiles
    home textiles, fashion for babies, infants and kids
  • World of Kids Care
    nursery products, electrical appliances for babies, infants and kids
  • World of Kids Furniture
    furniture and accessories for babies, infants and kids

The products will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria, with the greatest emphasis being given to the first two:

  • Innovative nature
  • Safety
  • Additional utility for the customer
  • Design
  • Quality of the workmanship