Consumer Award - A trade fair showed the consumers' favourite products

Since 2014 Kind + Jugend has been presenting the Consumer Award. This way, the trade fair pays attention to the demand of the visitors to not only show the new product innovations but also the favourite products and best sellers of the consumers that are already well-established on the market.

Leading worldwide parents' magazines and portals are the cooperation partners of the Kind + Jugend Consumer Award. Divided into six categories, the products were directly assessed by the consumers via an online voting system. This gives the visitor an international comparison at a glance.

As such, a unique direct comparison of the TOP products was offered at Kind + Jugend: On the one hand the Innovation Award zone shows the new products from all over the world that have been distinguished by experts as innovations in 2016. On the other hand the Consumer Award zone showed the products that have established themselves on the market and which have been evaluated as being the best products by the consumers, readers of the parents' magazines and the users of online portals.

The winner

Consumer Award winner Germany

The winner products from Germany

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Consumer Award winner France

The winner products of France

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Consumer Award winner Netherlands

The winner products of the Netherlands

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Consumer Award winner Austria

The winner products of Austria

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Consumer Award winner Poland

The winner products of Poland

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Consumer Award winner Russia

The winner products of Russia

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Consumer Award winner Turkey

The winner products of Turkey

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