Innovation Award

Starting now, companies can again apply for the Kind + Jugend Innovation Award 2017


Due to the high dedication of the baby and toddler outfitting industry and it’s creative innovations Kind + Jugend established the Innovation Award which traditionally elects the most inventive product developments on the first day of the fair.

The winners' tags in the eight award categories have established in the industry and are now acting as a good sales argument and an important criteria for quality in international trade.

The registration deadline for the Innovation Award is 30 June 2017

Why you should apply for Innovation Award: Original sound Winner 2017 “World of Kids Toys” Whisbear®, an innovative sleep aid

Did the award make a difference for your business? “During the show and after announcing the results we hardly had time to sit down or have a snack. There were 5 of us on our stand and all of us had hands full of work presenting our awarded bear and our offer to the potential distributors and business partners. We have established some amazing relations there and met very inspiring people who “rule” the toy world! Lessons we have learned from that can never be underestimated. Our minds are spinning with ideas and we have our diaries full of business travels to different parts of the world for almost the entire year of 2017 where we will meet our partners and help Whisbear grow!”

General infomations about the Innovation Award

Only registered exhibitors of Kind + Jugend are entitled to participate in the Innovation Award.

The competition is open to newly developed products and refined products that have been on the market no longer than one year (from 1 September 2016) and have not been exhibited at Kind + Jugend before. Those products must differ from the products that are already on the market in terms of their design, appearance, materials, mode of use and/or technology.

The products must be completely developed and exhibited at Kind + Jugend 2017 as well as they must offer consumers a special practical advantage.

Every exhibitor at Kind + Jugend 2017 has the right to register a maximum of products to the Kind + Jugend Innovation Award competition. The first product costs Euro 190.00, each additional product registration will cost Euro 300.00.

For first–time-exhibitors the registration is free of charge.

Up to five innovations will be nominated in each category. The award winner will be elected from those nominees.

The Kind + Jugend Innovation Award will be presented in eight categories:

  • World of Moving Kids
    babies, infants and kids carriages and travel systems
  • World of Travelling Kids
    car safety seats for babies, infants and kids
  • World of Moving Kids & Travelling Kids Accessories
    accessories for carriages, travel systems and car safety seats for babies, infants and kids
  • World of Kids Safety at Home
    security devices for babies, infants and kids
  • World of Kids Toys
    toys for babies, infants and kids
  • World of Kids Textiles
    home textiles, fashion for babies, infants and kids
  • World of Kids Care
    nursery products, electrical appliances for babies, infants and kids
  • World of Kids Furniture
    furniture and accessories for babies, infants and kids

The products will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria, with the greatest emphasis being given to the first two:

  • Innovative nature
  • Safety
  • Additional utility for the customer
  • Design
  • Quality of the workmanship

The winners 2016

Omnio, Omnio Innovation Makers Ltd.

The British manufacturer Omnio Innovation Makers Ltd. particularly scored points with the innovative design of the front wheels, which extremely simplify steering, especially on rough terrain. Thanks to the compact folding technology, the pram can be easily stored or carried as a backpack.

AxissFix Air, Dorel Juvenile; Maxi-Cosi/BébéConfort

It offers comprehensive protection for the child with its integrated airbags. In addition, the seat is i-Size-compatible and can be rotated 360 degrees, thus ensuring easy operation when securing the child.


In addition to the functionality of the suitcase in itself, BedBox® makes it possible to transport children from 0 to 7 years of age while they are sitting on the suitcase. It can also be unfolded to create an airplane bed for children with just a few actions. A comfortable mattress is already integrated into the suitcase.

Smart Nursery, Motorola Baby Binatone Communications Europe BVBA

The product is the newest generation of digital networking in the baby environment and offers the networking of numerous devices, from the camera through a scale to the air humidifier and the music box.

Whisbear® - the humming bear with CRYsensor function, Whisbear Sp. zo.o

It possesses an integrated loudspeaker that simulates a humming tone similar to that perceived by babies in the womb. The loudspeaker is easy to operate and shuts itself off automatically after around 40 minutes. In addition to this, the Whisbear® can also be affixed to any children's bed or in the car thanks to its magnetic arm.

Insect Shield Grobag, gro-group international ltd trading as The Gro Company

Thanks to its specially developed material, the Insect Shield Grobag provides optimal protection from insects as a sleeping bag. The textile fibres contain an insect repellent that is unobjectionable for health and repels ticks, mosquitoes, flies or fleas. This function is also retained after washing.

nanobébé Feeding Bottle, nanobébé

The uniquely formed baby bottle not only warms up mother's milk three times faster than any other baby bottle. In the process it preserves all of the important nutrients of the milk that are indispensable for newborns.

Familings Rocking Baby Mattress, Familings OY

The mattress gently rocks the child to sleep with a special upward and downward movement. It is especially suitable for babies who have difficulties falling asleep.