Cologne: 09.–11.09.2021 #kindundjugend

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Innovation Award Participants

World of Kids Care

Winner of this year's Innovation Award in the category World of Kids Care Marvoto Technology (Hong Kong) Limited, Fetus Camera. Congratulations!

Marvoto Technology (Hong Kong) Limited, Fetus Camera
Guangdong Horigen Mother & Baby Products Co., Ltd. , Horigen 3D Plus ReFlex flange
Nederland Lucina B.V., Baby UV Disinfection Cabinet XB-8016
Miyali, Mosquito Bite Relief

Winner 2019: Marvoto Technology (Hong Kong) Limited, Fetus Camera
Fetus camera M1 is the world’s first hand-held 3D ultrasound device which is especially for the pregnant mother to take photos for her fetus any time anywhere, and to record the first smile of life. M1 is in mini-size, designed to work with APP and easy to use. Marvoto’s sharing software and photo-editing cloud service will give user an amazing experience. Thanks for the L-shape handle and streamlined housing with eco-friendly ABS materials, we won G-Mark award in 2017. Although ultrasound is free of ionizing and light radiation, taking safety as our prior concern, M1 is complied with EMC Test.

Participant: Guangdong Horigen Mother & Baby Products Co., Ltd. , Horigen 3D Plus ReFlex flange
Almost 1 in 3 women in the EU & US undergo a Ceasarian section. Vaginal delivery women are 47% more likely to initiate breastfeeding than (scheduled repeat) C-section women. While promoting and stimulating breastfeeding we recognize that C-sections influence breastmilk production because of abdominal pain, discomfort, fatique and stress. When baby is drowsy and lethargic after C-section and not able to stimulate milkproduction, mother should use a breastpump to initiate. Horigens 3D Plus ReFlex C-Section breast pump flanges make it possible to stimulate or maintain milkproduction while comfortably lying in a 40° degree angle or in a side lying position. The angle spares the abdominal wound , reduces stress and prevent ongoing low milk supply. 3D Plus ReFlex flange function using external expansion pumping promotes more milk, less damaged nipples and initiate succesfull breastfeeding.

Participant: Nederland Lucina B.V., Baby UV Disinfection Cabinet XB-8016
Baby UV Disinfection Cabinet XB-8016 has a clear, plain and friendly design language. The asymmetric design of the front door and the one-touch panel show a sense of avant-garde and technology. At the left side of the door, the arc design naturally becomes the hand-clasping for opening the door, form just follows function. In addition to the conventional ultraviolet disinfection, it also has the functions of bottle storage(disinfection and drying function work once every two hours), hot air drying and intelligent security. Users can freely combine disinfection, drying, automatic button with storage button according to their using requirements.

Participant: Miyali, Mosquito Bite Relief
Research shows that scratching is the biggest cause of more swelling, itch, infection and scars. The patches from Little LUCA are developed in cooperation with the University of Wageningen. The patches stay up for 4-7 days, which is very important as there is a secondary and tertair effect of mosquito bites which can cause them to become itchy again untill 72 hours after the initial bite. For this reason lotions and creme only might work for a very limited time as they are removed after contact with water. The Little LUCA patches stay on even after many showers, swimming and bathing. 1. Mosquito's insert saliva to make the blood thinner 2. The body reacts by releasing Histamine, which causes swelling and itching. 3. By scratching the bite more histamine is released • Our patches prevent scratching and lift up the upperskin.