Cologne: 09.–11.09.2021 #kindundjugend

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Innovation Award Participants

World of Kids Toys

Winner of this year's Innovation Award in the category World of Kids World of Kids Toys Modu, MODU. Congratulations!

Modu, Modu
Dorel Juvenile (Maxi Miliaan B.V.), 5in1 Here I Grow Walk Behind & Ride on - Tiny Love
Mattel, Fisher-Price® Soothe 'n Snuggle Otter
Dorel Juvenile (Maxi Miliaan B.V.), Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer - Tiny Love

Winner 2019: Modu, MODU
MODU is an ecosystem of large foam blocks in different shapes. The blocks can be put together to form a variety of functional toys for active play in all ages. MODU can be described as a creative blend of conventional ‘active’ toys (like rocking horses and ride-ons) and LEGO's building blocks, and it is designed to be used in more sophisticated ways as the child grows older and can do more things.

Participant: Dorel Juvenile (Maxi Miliaan B.V.), 5in1 Here I Grow Walk Behind & Ride on - Tiny Love
The ‘Here I Grow’ is a next generation mobility toy that grows with your baby from 6 to 36 months. All the major mobility milestones are encapsulated in this one product, from sit & play, through walk-behind to ride-on. It only takes one easy click to switch between modes. Our research revealed that a major concern of parents is that their little ones will fall over when taking their first steps while using a walker. To address this issue, we developed a true game changer in the category: our mobility toy is equipped with a unique speed control mechanism. This feature provides the highest degree of safety and gives parents peace of mind when their babies take their first steps. The ‘Here I Grow’ is supplemented by a feature-packed electronic activity panel that promotes cognitive development and eye-hand coordination, offering babies hours of fun and play.

Participant: Mattel, Fisher-Price® Soothe 'n Snuggle Otter
Give your sweet babe (and yourself) a little time to relax and unwind thanks to this all-new Fisher-Price® Soothe ‘n Snuggle Otter. He’s super cute and cozy but also acts as a room light and soother, playing white noise, lullabies and songs. Plus, his belly moves rhythmically up and down to mimic your heartbeat, helping to relax and calm baby. He’s sweet as can be, fun to play with, machine-washable AND “breathes” quietly so he won’t keep baby (or you) up all night long. We love him and we know your baby will, too!

Participant: Dorel Juvenile (Maxi Miliaan B.V.), Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer - Tiny Love
The Entertainer is an innovative developmental product that addresses a genuine parental need: helping babies through the challenging practice of tummy time. Tummy time is an important activity for babies from day one – it strengthens their neck, shoulder and back muscles. Inspired by babies’ fascination with the movement and sound of mobiles, we have developed the first ever Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer. The idea – to help tummy time simply fly by with fascinating motion and music, and unique visual and audio feedback. The toy includes rotating mobile arms, music, sounds and lights, fun peek-a-boo windows and dangling toys that attract babies attention and distract them, helping them forget about the effort of staying in tummy time. When flipped over, the toy transforms into a portable mobile that offers babies endless fun on-the-go! This mobile entertainer grows with babies.