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Winner Kids Design Award 2020

Winner Kids Design Award

In the jury meeting on 15.9.2020 the following winner was selected for the best product design and product idea with this year's Kids Design Award: Rumpelkumpel

Maita Petersen - Winner of Kids Design Award 2020

Maita Petersen

Name of the product: RumpelKumpel

The idea is to strengthen and support the collecting behaviour of children, to make them curious about the world and to evoke joy in discovering and perceiving their environment.

The drawer cabinet for children can be individually configured from various modules according to requirements and collecting passion. In addition, each RumpelKumpel is equipped with elastic straps, a secret compartment and a letterbox slot. It invites children to collect, sort, arrange and compare. This playfully encourages the development of recognising features and creating categories. The RumpelKumpel creates a space inside that belongs to the child alone. From the outside, interaction from others is desired: a message can be sent to the child through the letterbox slot and the outer appearance can be changed through the elastic bands. When the child opens the RumpelKumpel, he or she is immersed in a world of special features, secrets and stories that the collected items have to tell.

Special Mentioned Kids Design Award 2020

The jury recognized the concept and design of the game '3effen' as 'Special Mentioned', which playfully contributes to connecting children from different language groups and cultures.


Paula Boldrin - Special Mentioned 2020

Paula Boldrin - Special Mentioned 2020

Name of the product: 3ffen

3ffen is a project born from the felt need for integration between the Italian and German ethno-linguistic groups in South Tyrol. The South Tyrolean system does not sufficiently promote the meeting between the two groups, thus generating two parallel realities divided by an invisible wall. Alexander Langer wrote about the need for mediators, bridge builders, wall jumpers and frontier explorers, in a territory that hosts more languages, more cultures. It was necessary for someone to devote themselves to the exploration and crossing of borders, to create connections and to break down dividing walls. 3ffen is a playful activity designed to encourage the meeting and sharing between children of multiple ethno-linguistic groups. The intent is made explicit from the name: "treffen", that in German means "meeting". The followed philosophy of the game is the one for cooperative games.