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Crib: everything for baby's peaceful slumber

13 Apr 2021

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Everyone is happy when babies sleep deeply and peacefully. ©Koelnmesse

A crib is among the most important items of furniture in the children's room. Here you can find out what parents pay attention to when buying, how traders can score points with consultation and what additional opportunities the business with cribs offers.

Everyone is happy when babies sleep deeply and peacefully. Parents are happy for the peace and quiet because their offspring is happy. And for the little ones themselves, restorative sleep is extremely important for healthy development. (Expecting) parents therefore look very closely when buying. They pay special attention to sleep comfort, safety, sustainability and stability. The preferred bed material is wood, especially from certified cultivation; natural, and of course non-toxic materials are in demand for mattresses and textiles. For safety reasons, cribs and children's beds may not have edges or projecting parts. Here, parents orient themselves to certification marks like the DIN EN 716 or the GS mark for tested safety, to eco-labelling like the Blue Angel or the TÜV environmental seal, as well as to relevant test reports.

Score points with consulting competence

The assortment of cribs is quite enormous. It is no wonder that the consulting competence of the specialised trade is called for. Whether co-sleeper, cradle, bassinet, cot or children's bed: pay attention to the needs of parents during the sales talk.

Co-sleepers are ideal for the first months of life. The "Vario 2in1" from Fillikid docks directly onto the parents's bed and also adapts to box-spring beds. The little one is thus always directly next to its parents in the night. If the bed is to also stay there where mother and father are during the day, a bassinet on wheels like the "Jasmin" model from Geuther is the mobile alternative. Also suitable: a good height-adjustable travel bed . A recommendation for parents of more restless babies might be the classic baby cradle, with which the offspring can be gently rocked to sleep. The "Vario" from Schardt can also be used as a bassinet, co-sleeper or cot.

children's furniture, children product, cot, crib

In the case of a bed for their child, parents pay as much attention to the quality of the slatted frame and mattress as they do for their own place of rest. @Koelnmesse

Flexible from the baby to the junior bed

At around six months of age, the little ones begin to sit up and explore their environment. You should then recommend a cot to parents. The advantage: the bars prevent adventurous little ones from falling out of bed and allow air to circulate, so that children can breathe freely and don't get overheated. These should have an interval of 6.5 cm between them, so that babies don't get their little heads caught between the bars.

For children's beds, parents want flexibility and maximum adjustability: lying surfaces with variously adjustable heights make it easier to lift the child from the bed; adjustable length and removable bars extend the useful life. The "Puro" from Pinolino cot, for example, can thus be easily converted into a junior bed.

In the case of a bed for their child, parents pay as much attention to the quality of the slatted frame and mattress as they do for their own place of rest. Mattresses should be breathable and easy to care for. Increasingly popular are cold foam models, which perfectly adapt to the small body.

Good chances for additional sales

Baby and children's beds are products requiring intensive consultation for which parents ask twice as many questions and want to see the appropriate model prior to purchase whenever possible – ultimately it's about the well-being of their offspring. This is challenging, but offers the chance to score points with consulting competence. Winning the trust of customers presents chances for additional sales. The perfect sleeping place for the little ones ultimately requires a great deal of accessories: for example, a sleeping bag or a comfy little nest, so that the baby doesn't hit its head on the bars. There is a also a strong trend toward smart gadgets like baby phones, sensor mats or other digital helpers that watch over the well-being of the little ones.

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