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Safety & Monitoring

For parents, the safety of their child is paramount. The choice of products that can help ensure safety depends on factors such as the child’s age. For instance, babies need to be monitored especially while sleeping, whereas children in the crawling stage and toddlers are exposed to risk of injury from blows, electricity, burns and choking. Kind + Jugend lets you experience a large number of modern safety products for children of all ages first-hand.

Kind + Jugend - World of Kids Safety and Monitoring at Home

Safety first

  • Acoustic and visual monitoring systems
  • Smart medical monitoring devices
  • Smart accessories such as sensor-equipped pacifiers, diapers and mattresses
  • Monitoring apps
  • Door and stair guards
  • Protective devices such as corner guards and locking systems
  • Night lights, sleep lights and safety lights
  • Smart toys and devices

Safety: A timeless trend

The child safety product market is growing continuously and more parents are opting for digital devices. These are the product trends for creating a childproof home.

Peace of mind with smart helpers

For parents, monitoring the little ones while they sleep is as important as it is challenging. Multifunctional smart solutions help parents monitor their babyֹ’s well-being and breathing.

Smart babyphones can be connected to smartphones and offer a range of functions including a night vision camera, temperature monitoring, sleep analysis and push notifications of sounds in real time. These and other innovative features are designed to help parents get more sleep and keep track of their baby’s development.

Electronic and connected

Pacifiers, diapers and socks are also becoming more baby-friendly by incorporating thermometers, heart rate monitors and moisture sensors.