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Hardware industry: What is the trend for 2019?

16 May 2019

Hesba Corrado © Hesba

Unlimited mobility with children: Modern, active millennial parents value mobility and flexibility. That is why they have high demands in carriages and seats when it comes to equipping their little ones: They should not only be safe, sustainable, of high quality and user-friendly but also beautiful. With carriages and baby seats now part of the lifestyle category, design is becoming more and more important for many parents. In addition, smart devices and tools are also on the rise.

Safety is the key factor

When it comes to the safety of their child, compromising is not an option for parents. When looking for the right child seat, they place their trust in seals of quality like those from Stiftung Warentest or ADAC. Legal requirements such as the new i-Size regulation also contribute to greater safety. Manufacturers are already exceeding the requirements in many areas, however, they still try to increase the safety of their products further through new technical innovations. In 2017, Dorel Juvenile introduced Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Air, the first child seat with airbag. In addition, the company is intensifying its focus on seats with integrated pre-crash systems that can anticipate an accident and react automatically to dangers.

Cybex Sirona M © Cybex

Smart and networked tools also contribute to greater security: The Swedish company Emmaljunga presented the first eStroller NXT90e at Kind + Jugend 2018. The NXT90e is equipped with a built-in brake technology that prevents the stroller from suddenly rolling away by itself. In contrast, smart devices and apps have a different function in cars: Thanks to SensorSafe 2.0 the Cybex Sirona M alerts you if the child or seat is positioned incorrectly, monitors the child’s movements and registers whether it is too hot or cold.

App integrations such as the Tippy Smart Pad from Digicom presented at the Trend Forum at the 2018 trade fair are also on the way. This pad alerts the parents via app if they are too far away from the car, thereby preventing the risk of forgetting or leaving children alone inside the vehicle for too long, especially at higher temperatures in summer.

Practical and stylish baby carriages for modern lifestyles

Whether going shopping in the city, taking long walks in nature or quick and easy opening and closing when getting into the car, carriages and baby seats should support parents’ mobile lifestyle. That is why multifunctional and flexible products that are user-friendly at the same time are especially in demand. In 2019, the trend is for practical folding systems such as the Nexo from Mutsy or Metro Compact City Stroller from Ergobaby, which can be folded up and carried easily and compactly – ideal especially for those who live in the city and often travel by bus or train.

There is also a demand for products that can be used in different ways or over a longer period of time: Child seats like the ADVANSAFIX IV R from Britax Römer grow with the child. They can be easily adapted to the child’s weight and height. Improved comfort is also offered by Maxi-Cosi Jade, which won the Kind + Jugend Innovation Award 2018 in the category of “World of Travelling Kids”. This carriage attachment for newborns is also approved for use in the car for quick and maximum ease of mobility for the whole family.

Even though practical and flexible carriages and seats are currently highly sought after, their design is far from being purely functional or purist: Increasing attention is being given to high-quality, aesthetic premium products that meet the individual expectations of parents. Many people are willing to dig a little deeper in their pockets such as for Hesba carriages with a retro look. The German Design Award shows just how important design is: Products in the baby and children’s outfitting segment are now being recognised in the “Baby and Child Care” subcategory, for which Venicci Shadow, among others, was happy to receive an award.

How do you assess the potential of the trends mentioned above?
Which products and innovations do your customers prefer? Share your personal experiences with us!

Metro Compact City Strolle © Ergobaby