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Trends 2019 for the children's room - a guest article by Kids Interiors

17 May 2019

We asked the experts at Kids Interiors in which direction the furnishings in children's rooms are developing. They regularly look for the most important design trends around the children's room. Feel free to take notes as you read!

We are on the cusp of a new decade, so it's no surprise that we are questioning our lifestyles as much as the way we want our homes to look. For we are moving towards revolutionary times, and at their centre is the family.

A new optimism is breaking through and finding its way into nursery and baby room design. The aesthetics are becoming more cheerful - freely following the principle: fewer rules = more fun!

Deliberately used irregularities, individual solutions and heirlooms will combine old and new and mark a strong nostalgic statement in the modern nursery. This is particularly evident in the example of rattan, one of the trendiest materials in the 2019 children's room. When parents buy furniture, they specifically look for high-quality finishes and elaborate, well thought-out details.

The greatest possible variety in décor and toys should inspire unlimited playfulness and herald the departure from overly tidy and sterile rooms.

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Scandinavian-influenced children's rooms will continue to be synonymous with beautiful design. In 2019, however, we will also see them change and become more mysterious here. Dark, muted tones will dominate the look, taking inspiration from vintage and bringing fantastic worlds into play with a whole host of magical creatures and their epic stories.

Adventures in the nursery

Exotic animals bring adventure into children's rooms. They are combined with motifs from nature and thus continue last year's trend

Roses have long been considered discontinued and kitsch decor. But they will be back this year - as oversized decals, wallpaper patterns, garlands, wreaths and beautiful handmade paper decorations for the wall.

Rich and earthy tones are in focus

Pink/pink is still popular, but it is now showing a little more restraint. Where it still attracted attention a few seasons ago, pink/pink is now becoming "dusty" and combines ideally with ivory and beige as well as with vintage elements. Colour trends in the children's room will be based on the colour palette for adults in 2019. Rich and earthy tones will evolve into a dreamy retro look, but with a modern twist. Light flashes of colour, especially optimistic yellow, will be used to liven up neutral furnishings.

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