Cologne: 07.–09.09.2023 #kindundjugend

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Umdenken, wiederverwenden und reduzieren | Event on the Kind + Jugend 2022

Rethink, reuse and Reduce

from Koelnmesse GmbH
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Koelnmesse GmbH
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The event

After becoming parents ourselves, we experienced the «use and discard»-mentality parents are forced to adapt. Because kids grow so fast, parents keep buying more and more baby gear and new accessories to adapt to new phases, and this led us to get very conscious about what happens to the products when their lifespan have expired. As designers we started to rethink how products could live longer. As a brand we started to research how we could reuse material rather than keep adding new resources to the planet. As parents we wanted to reduce our consumption to protect our kids future. As an industry we have the power to create massive change and make a great impact. We hope to inspire and show you a world of possibilities, and encourage the industry to take action. 

KAOS is the first brand in the world to produce accessories for high chair from recycled marine waste. KAOS is also first in the world to offer return & recycle on high chairs accessories. Once returned, and if needed due to maintenance, the accessories can be recycled up to 9 times before the material loses its properties.