Cologne: 17.–20.09.2020

Innovation Award Participants

World of Travelling Kids

Winner of this year's Innovation Award in the category World of Travelling Kids is
Dorel Juvenile (Maxi Miliaan B.V.), Maxi-Cosi Coral. Congratulations!

Dorel Juvenile (Maxi Miliaan B.V.) , Maxi-Cosi Coral
BeSafe iZi Twist B
Osann GmbH, Clima-Max DUAL
Dorel Juvenile (Maxi Miliaan B.V.), Maxi-Cosi Kore Pro i-Size

Winner 2019: Dorel Juvenile (Maxi Miliaan B.V.) , Maxi-Cosi Coral
First ever modular baby car seat designed to keep parents close to their baby. With its modular design, carrying your baby will be lighter than ever. The soft carrier is much lighter than your baby and the safety frame can stay in the car. This way convenience and ergonomics are shifted to the next level.

Participant: HTS BeSafe AS, BeSafe iZi Twist B
The BeSafe iZi Twist is a rotation carseat, which is optimized for transport from birth till approximately 4 years in a rear facing position in a vehicle. The seat is installed horizontal in every vehicle by the Universal Level Technology™, which makes it possible to facilitate the optimal angle for the backrest in every vehicle on the market (despite the fact that vehicle seats are very different in various car brands). This installation method is unique and patent pending. During the 1st year of usage the seat contains an additional baby shell, which gives perfect ergonomic fit and optimized safety for new born babies. This baby insert can substitute a specialized infant seat in a perfect way and assures the perfect positioning and safety for new born babies. Innovative side impact protection by the Dynamic Force Absorber™, which gives a very effective side impact protection.

Participant: Osann GmbH, Clima-Max DUAL
Due to the fact that our summers are getting hotter and hotter, we have thought about how the accumulated heat can be dissipated from the car seat and also from the child. We are talking about up to 60 degrees Celsius in midsummer, which a child car seat can heat up to. Our result is the Clima-Max DUAL. The child car seat is digitally controlled and only activates when a child is sitting on it. The hot air is extracted and then discharged sideways - a cooling air circulation is created. For the cold season, the Clima-Max DUAL also has a seat heater. This keeps the child warm all around and the dangerous fastening with a winter jacket is avoided. The energy supply runs over 12 volts and can easily be plugged into any car.

Participant: Dorel Juvenile (Maxi Miliaan B.V.), Maxi-Cosi Kore Pro i-Size
Children want to do everything by themselves. The Maxi-Cosi Kore Pro i-Size grants them their desired independence! It is so easy to use that any child can buckle up all by themselves. Kore Pro i-Size detects when your child sits on it. The innovative ClickAssist light switches on and illuminates the buckle up area to fasten the safety belt very easily in all circumstances (when the child leans over the buckle, in a garage, by night, etc). It switches off after 30 seconds, the time for your child to buckle up. They are safe and ready to go! Kore Pro i-Size also offers the upmost comfort - as it grows with your child both in height and width and is equipped with thermo-regulating fabrics - and the best protection (i-Size safety + new Side Protection System Plus combining glass fibre shock absorbers and energy absorbing material in the side wings)