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Defying the Corona crisis, the industry is bubbling with ideas! This was also evident at this year's Kids Design Award 2020, which attracted 166 entries from 40 countries. Even though the industry is not meeting in Cologne this year, we want to give this creative potential a chance and reward the commitment of the young designers by holding this year's Kids Design Award for the best product design.

In a pre-jury the jury - 8 independent experts from the fields of design, industry and education - nominated these 10 product ideas:

3ffen - Paula Boldrin

3ffen is a project born from the felt need for integration between the Italian and German ethno-linguistic groups in South Tyrol. The South Tyrolean system does not sufficiently promote the meeting between the two groups, thus generating two parallel realities divided by an invisible wall. Alexander Langer wrote about the need for mediators, bridge builders, wall jumpers and frontier explorers, in a territory that hosts more languages, more cultures. It was necessary for someone to devote themselves to the exploration and crossing of borders, to create connections and to break down dividing walls. 3ffen is a playful activity designed to encourage the meeting and sharing between children of multiple ethno-linguistic groups. The intent is made explicit from the name: "treffen", that in German means "meeting". The followed philosophy of the game is the one for cooperative games.

You can find all information for download here (.pdf)
Bauwippchen – Katharina Em
Building block game - Building seesaw / building block game made of wood – Katharina Em

Building block game - Building seesaw / building block game made of wood – Katharina Em

With the building block game, children are stimulated to explore the topic of balance in a self-determined and playful way. Children like to play intuitively and learn a lot in the process. The building block game offers an appropriate framework for experiencing physical laws such as the effects of gravity, friction and mass. The 18 building blocks and the seesaw can be used in different ways depending on the children's abilities. A variety of combinations is possible through the design of the building blocks. The game thus adapts to the child and can be discovered again and again. The coloured accents on the beech wood represent a further educational aspect and attract the child to play.

Woody – Manuel Kugler

Woody is primarily intended to be fun and bring a smile to the user's face. With the help of the bristles, the object glides over the asphalt like a hoverboard and sweeps the ground at the same time. The design specifically plays with the typology of the broom through the round woods in combination with the bristles. The direction of travel can be regulated by a slight shift of weight. The adjustable seat makes it possible to adjust the product individually to different body sizes.

All information about the product can be downloaded here (.pdf)
ANIMATE - Matthieu Muller und Sarah Willemart

Animate is a kit of electronic components and cardboard connectors aiming to give life to children imagination. The project introduces technology as a creative tool allowing children from the age of 6 to 10 to animate their own creation. Animate kit consists of multiple elements: 8 electronic components including a battery, a vibrator, a buzzer, an ultrasonic sensor, two DC motors and two LED lights. A safe blade knife to cut cardboard easily. A set of connectors to attach cardboard and components together. Three sizes of cables to plug the components to the battery. To make electronics more accessible and fun, the different components have been oversized with a distinctive shape and color. Animate is designed to allow children complete freedom offering tools and a methodology booklet, to help them develop their creative potential without any constraints.

All information about the product can be downloaded here (.pdf)
Das Paket – Svenja Münster
The package

"The Package" is a story for children, told from several perspectives through a series of folded sheets. The entire design plays with elements from the story and transforms them into practical experiences through recesses. The design of the folded sheets supports different aspects of reading aloud. In addition to arousing curiosity and enabling imagination, the focus is on the resulting exchange between parents and child. After all, reading aloud is a protected place of value communication and appreciation. Furthermore, the change of perspective and the freedom of content promotes the development of empathy and creative thinking in the children.

All information about the product can be downloaded here (.pdf)
RumpelKumpel - Maita Petersen

The idea is to strengthen and support the collecting behaviour of children, to make them curious about the world and to evoke joy in discovering and perceiving their environment.

The drawer cabinet for children can be individually configured from various modules according to requirements and collecting passion. In addition, each RumpelKumpel is equipped with elastic straps, a secret compartment and a letterbox slot. It invites children to collect, sort, arrange and compare. This playfully encourages the development of recognising features and creating categories. The RumpelKumpel creates a space inside that belongs to the child alone. From the outside, interaction from others is desired: a message can be sent to the child through the letterbox slot and the outer appearance can be changed through the elastic bands. When the child opens the RumpelKumpel, he or she is immersed in a world of special features, secrets and stories that the collected items have to tell.

All information about the product can be downloaded here (.pdf)
Hoka - Florian Prader

Hoka is a multifunctional high chair made of walnut wood. The aim was to create a high chair that grows with the child and has a long service life, helping it to develop new skills. The design builds a bridge between the worlds of children and adults, as it both meets the needs of the child and embodies an adult design language that blends seamlessly into the dining area. What makes Hoka special is that the high chair can be transformed into a learning tower in just a few simple steps. The learning tower forms a raised platform from which the child can observe and, above all, help. The principle comes from Montessori education and follows the motto "Help me to do it myself". The child should be included in the entire cooking process and through the independently learned skills should gain more self-confidence and an understanding of the value of food.

All information about the product can be downloaded here (.pdf)
BIG BOOK - Roberta Russi Musetti

“BIG BOOK” is a children-sized book, big enough for kids to “enter” and experience it. Instead of written tales the book has scenographies which work as backdrop for the child to create its own stories. Children can flip through the pages and “travel” from one scenography into another.

All information about the product can be downloaded here (.pdf)
DIPEN - Cong Hieu Vu

Diabetes - Germany's number one widespread disease! The innovative injection set for children's diabetes is designed to simplify the use and handling of the therapy. The idea: to disguise a medical device as a toy. The special thing about "Dipen" is the stamp, a kind of reminder function without an app, which helps children to manage themselves. This also helps the parents or carers to check whether the child has already injected safely or not. The stamp makes it possible to mark the injection site immediately after the injection and to remind the child until the next injection and to better assess the distance of the site. The invisible needles as well as the ergonomic shape of dip sticks make them comfortable to use. The most important thing about dip sticks is that the children have fun during the injection, which increases the adherence to the therapy.

All information about the product can be downloaded here (.pdf)
GALOP - Darius Zalzadeh

The appearance of the rocking horse is characterised by the sweeping lines of the frame and its extraordinarily simple and timeless form. The elegant curves of the bent tubular steel frame presents in its center, seemingly floating, the ergonomic and three-dimensionally shaped seat shell made out of moulded wood. The seat surface merges smoothly into a curve, allowing smaller children to sit further forward.

All information about the product can be downloaded here (.pdf)


Winner Kids Design Award 2020 und Special Mentioned 2020.

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