Cologne: 03.–05.09.2024 #kindundjugend

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Innovation Award Participants

World of Kids Textiles

Winner of this year's Innovation Award in the category World of Kids Textiles Fedde&Kees, Nunki baby bed sheet. Congratulations!

Fedde&Kees, Nunki baby bed sheet
Bobux International Limited, Play Knit Xplorer
stuffi by Lisa Maria Schröter, stuffi combi

Winner 2019: Fedde&Kees, Nunki baby bed sheet
The Nunki bed sheet helps parents to tuck tightly and create a secureness as of day one in the cradle. The material of the upper edge of the Nunki bed sheet gives your child a pleasant pressure sensation on the upper body, which gives exactly the security it needs. At the same time it offers enough freedom of movement for the lower body, by closing 1 zipper! Meets the guidelines for tucking in. Every baby has the need for comfort and security as of day one of their life. A baby experiencing security will fall asleep more easily. As a new parent it can be difficult to tuck your baby in bed to give him that feeling of safety. Regular bed sheets will easily loosen up and you will be doing it over and over again all night. The only solution until now was to swaddle. However, this fierce method is quite strict and results in new sleeping issues when you start reducing it.

Participant: Bobux International Limited, Play Knit Xplorer
This super flexible, lightweight and ultra comfy Xplorer Play Knit for babies learning to walk, is the most innovative shoe yet from Bobux. Designed in New Zealand, and loved the world over. The new Xplorer Play knit shoe features several innovations from the stage-specific sole unit designed to support the natural movement of crawlers and first walkers to the unique fully knitted upper. The Foamed TR sole unit is lightweight, soft and durable with a unique wave profile and dipped heal for maximum flexibility where it's needed most. It also features an extra grippy tread for increased mobility and reinforced toecap in high wear area. And lastly, the poly-blend knitted upper allows for customisable lacing and flexes naturally with foot movement, the leather heel counter detail provides additional comfort and stability, and the styling is perfect for everyday wear. No socks needed!

Participant: stuffi by Lisa Maria Schröter, stuffi combi
Stuffi combi keeps the baby warm in all situations by allowing full freedom of movement. The fact that you can remove the hood and the foot muff makes stuffi combi very changeable. This is useful for temperature fluctuations and for using it in a baby carrier. By removing the foot muff the baby has more space in the baby carrier, while the back of the baby is still kept warm by the blanket with arms. Buckling the baby in the baby seat is easier without the foot muff and with less fabric under the straps, it is even safer for the baby. Thanks to its various functions, stuffi combi can always adapt to the conditions and is therefore the perfect outdoor clothing for babies first year of life.