Cologne: 17.–20.09.2020 #kindundjugend


Burda Bebek Ürünleri Sanayi Ticaret AS | Exhibitor on the Kind + Jugend 2019

Burda Bebek Ürünleri Sanayi Ticaret AS

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Hall 11.2 Stand: F031
Burda Bebek Ürünleri Sanayi Ticaret AS
Defterdar mah. Otakcilar cad.78, k3 C blok no 85
34050 Istanbul
+90 212 8763400
+90 212 8765051
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List of Products

This exhibitor shows the following products and commodity groups:

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Company & products
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Wee Baby products are manufactured at our own facilities in Turkey with a specially developed modern machine track, in accordance with international quality standards, and FDA approved raw materials are used in all production. In addition, adopting the principle of environment-friendly production, Burda Bebek A.S. achieved to become the first domestic company in its category in Turkey to receive a Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) certificate.


Burda Bebek is the greatest mother&baby products manufacturer in Turkey and Middle East region with its ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate, Sedex and BRC HCP certificates.


Meeting the needs of mothers and babies for 33 years, Burda Bebek has also acquired Mycey, one of the important brands of the sector. Today in Turkey, under Wee Baby brand, Burda Bebek offers over 400 products, including Special Products for Mothers, Nutrition Products, Feeding Bottles, Pacifiers, Auxiliary Products and Care products, at more than 30 thousand sales points to consumers. Wee Baby products are also exported to more than 30 countries.


Natural Series

Wee Baby is in the International Market with Wee Baby Natural Series Bottles


Renewing its products by considering the needs of mothers and their babies, and always being there for them, Wee Baby started manufacturing Natural Series Bottles in Turkey in early 2019. Wee Baby Natural Series Baby Bottles support the natural feeding movement of babies with teats that resemble the nipples of mothers so that they can be fed from the feeding bottle while maintaining their breastfeeding order.


The most natural way to feed babies is to breastfeed them. Babies suckle mothers’ breast by applying a natural feeding movement. Mothers may want to give their milk to their babies after storing it in a bottle, when they have to stay away from their babies. Choosing the right baby bottle is important in order to preserve the natural nutrition of babies. Feeding bottles, on which babies can apply natural feeding movements, can be used to support the baby's returning to suckling their mother's breasts.


Natural Series Bottles are manufactured with Wee Baby's BRC HCP certified production facility, international quality standards and FDA approved raw materials.


Helps combine breastfeeding and feeding with bottles

Natural Mouth Bottle, which has a wide mouth, flexible and soft pacifier structure that looks like a mother's breast, provides a natural feeding sensation, which allows feeding of the babies through the natural feeding movement, and helps to combine feeding with breastfeeding and feeding with bottles. With its special anti-colic system, the feeding bottle prevents babies from feeling colic pain and discomfort. It can be easily filled and cleaned with its ergonomic, wide mouth.

In addition to 125 ml and 250 ml options, Natural Series Baby Bottles have PP and heat resistant glass options.

For more detailed information about Wee Baby Natural Series Bottles, as well as other products for mothers and babies, you can visit

Innovative approach to pacifiers

Single piece silicon soother for newborn babies

The pacifiers used for babies began to differentiate with their materials and designs. Single-piece silicone pacifiers are ideal for small babies thanks to their light weight and soft bodies. Manufacturing products in international quality standards, Wee Baby supports the natural palate development of babies with the orthodontic nipples of its soft and light silicone soothers.


Wee Baby, emphasizing the importance of healthy and peaceful growth of babies with its products produced in international quality standards, has redesigned its teats as single-piece silicones, which are suitable and easy to clean for babies.

The soothers, distinguished with their lightness and softness, special for the delicate baby skin, they support natural palate development of babies with their orthodontic nipples.


Convenience and comfort together

Wee Baby's silicone soother is designed as a butterfly to keep the baby's nose open while the baby suckles. The orthodontic soother structure supports the natural palate development of babies. With their light weight, silicone soothers provide easy usage for newborn babies, create comfort in skin contact with its soft structure and prevent skin irritation.


For more detailed information about Wee Baby Silicone Pacifiers, as well as other products for mothers and babies, you can visit

BRC HCP certificate

Wee Baby manufactures products with the same standards as world-class brands

Registered BRC HCP certificate at Grade A


Manufacturing in accordance with international quality standards, Wee Baby has received with Grade A the BRC HCP Certificate, which is the International Standards Certificate for the safety and the quality of its products. The first company in Turkey to receive this certificate in feeding bottle and soother sector; Wee Baby manufactures products with the same quality as world-class brands


Wee Baby, which produces FDA approved raw materials and develops its products according to the trends in the baby sector; proves the quality and hygiene of its production with grade A BRC (British Retail Consortium) HCP Certificate, which is accepted as an important audit in the international arena. The market leader of feeding bottle and soother sector, Wee Baby is the first and only company in this sector in Turkey, registering its production quality in the highest standards. Certified to meet the same standards as the brands in the world, Wee Baby aims to gain power in the global market as a domestic manufacturer.



Renewing product range with R & D investment

Wee Baby is the greatest mother-baby product manufacturer in Turkey and Middle East region with its ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate, Sedex and TSE quality certificates, and the only company in its business sector in Turkey to receive BRC HCP certificate with Grade A. With changes in its R&D structure, Wee Baby gathered its production facilities in a single roof with the investments it made in R&D. Wee Baby continues to renew its product range without slowing down its investments in order to develop technological infrastructure.