Cologne: 17.–20.09.2020 #kindundjugend


Leesaem International Co., Ltd. | Exhibitor on the Kind + Jugend 2019

Leesaem International Co., Ltd.

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Hall 4.1 Stand: B012
Leesaem International Co., Ltd.
Seocho-Daero 355 Room 601
06607 Seoul
Korea, Republic of
+82 7082654758
+82 260088301
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Company & products
List of Products

This exhibitor shows the following products and commodity groups:

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Company & products
Sobble Cushion Bath Tub
  1. Marshmallow Softness Sobble is not plastic or inflatable material. Touch and feel the difference. It is just like mom’s embrace to provide the most comfortable and snuggle feeling.
  2. Amazing Safety Sobble guarantees its safety with bouncing egg at 2 meter height. Sobble cushion bath tub has outstanding impact absorption to provide reliable and safe bathing. It is world first and only safety cushion bath tub made of marshmallow softness PU form.
  3. Fits into a sink for easy standing bath position for moms. It is fear and hassle for mom or dad give a bath. Sobble is designed to offer reliable and safe bathing for parent. Simply place Sobble into your sink and have convenient bathing while standing. Light weight and compact size of Sobble is for easy moving and storing in your house.
  4. Ergonomic design as mom’s embrace shape New born baby feels most comfortable when they are in mom’s embrace. Sobble is designed to provide mom’s embrace for babies’ most comfortable bathing time.
  5. Non-slip adjustable stopper for perfect bathing position Not like plastic bath tub with fixed stopper part, Sobble offers non-slip adjustable stopper for safe and comfort feeling. Stopper is also made of marshmallow PU material to provide relax and comfortable feeling. As infants grow every day, stopper must be adjustable for best bathing position.
  6. Long lasting heat retention Keeps warm 3 times longer than any other bath tub. Sobble cushion bath tub provides innovative insulation function. No need to refill or change warm water while bathing your baby. Perfect use for winter time.
  7. Automatic thermal indicator helps moms the idealistic temperature for bathing Babies are sensitive for temperature change. It is very important to measure the temperature to avoid any issue with baby skin. Simply check with automatic thermal indicator showing ideal temperature for your babies.