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Adjustable Art Table and Chair Set for Montessori Activities Julle | Exhibitor on the Kind + Jugend 2023

Adjustable Art Table and Chair Set for Montessori Activities Julle

The original design of Luula children's furniture is based on the guiding principles of Montessori pedagogy. Easily accessible items in an accessible place suitable for the child's physiological needs allow the child to plan activities independently.

The Creative Julle Table is designed for young children between the ages of 2 and 10 and can easily be converted into a table for learning or simply for playing.
A roll of paper on the left side of the table, a chalkboard and an erasable clear acrylic board, storage for sand or books, a water bowl holder to prevent it from tipping over when children are making art, a niche for pencils or constructor parts will provide the opportunity to draw, write, count, create, work with various natural materials, together with grandma or dad, friends or independently - immerse yourself in an exciting, creative world of illusions and adventures! It is important that the child not only feels good in a beautiful interior, but also fits into it - with games, jokes, passion, and dreams - in a safe, creative, and natural environment.

✨ When you open the upper part of JulleTable you can transform it into a blackboard and write there with chalk.
✨ Inside the Julle Table is possible to store - kinetic or normal sand, books, paint and coloring materials, small toys, dollhouses or make race car tracks, etc.
✨ An extra bonus is the transparent plastic board. It can be used for copying drawings, drawing with marker pens, creating an environment for your toys, and it also can be used for making sand drawings.
✨ A closed Julle Table is a reliable desk.
✨ The Julle Table has a table-mounted key that will secure the position of the lifting board in an open or closed position.
✨ Julle Table has a built-in paper roll.
✨ On the right-hand side, there are stationary and water dish holders that ensure the storage stability of these items, as well as the ability to store other small items/ toys. They are easy to remove.
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