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Lulla doll by RoRo - The Miracle Sleep Solution

Lulla doll is a creation of the Icelandic innovation company RoRo and has been sold in over 80 countries around the world. Its first production, funded through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, sold out globally within weeks of its release as news spread like wildfire of success stories of the Lulla doll. The turnover for this startup from Reykjavik, Iceland has grown more than 2.400% since releasing their second production in the fall of 2016 and the company has tripled in size since 2017.

Lulla's design is based on multiple scientific research that show the positive effects of closeness to the development and well-being of young children and the effects that smell, sight and touch have.

The Lulla doll imitates closeness to a caregiver at rest by playing soothing sounds of real heartbeat and breathing for 12 hours, giving the feeling that someone is sleeping nearby. The sound is set on a safe volume of 65dB and can be attached to the outside of the crib for children under 12 months. The doll is machine washable at warm temperatures, making it safer for small babies with underdeveloped immune and respiratory systems. The fabric of the doll can absorb scent from caregivers if they keep it close to their skin before giving it to their child for added feeling of comfort and security. Lulla's soft feel, facial features and colours are also designed with purpose and care.

Lulla has been awarded multiple times, both for its design and functionality. In 2018 alone Lulla doll received 5 awards and has already been shortlisted for three additional awards in 2019.

This one of a kind sleep companion has been awarded as:
- The Best Sleep Solution by LBP Awards
- Best Innovative Gift by LBP Awards
- Top Choice in Baby Dolls category by Baby Maternity Magazine
- Preferred Choice in Baby Toys category by Creative Child Magazine
- Best Buddy in Baby Essentials category by NAPPA

Research and user testing has always been a very important part of RoRo's product development. Based on feedback from thousands of users from all over the world, RoRo released new and improved Lulla doll collection in April 2019.

"We have seen such enthusiasm and support for Lulla internationally. We have parents hailing the Lulla as a miracle, a life saver and thanked us for saving their sanity. The response has been overwhelmingly positive." says Eyrun Eggertsdottir, the founder of RoRo and designer of Lulla doll. "We are so happy to answer the call of our customers and excited to present our new Lulla dolls, which are now even better than before and will continue to provide comfort, better sleep and peace of mind for parents."

Not only was Lulla doll the first baby sleep aid in the world playing for 8 hours but now RoRo has released an enhanced version of Lulla doll with 12 hour playtime. The new doll provides 12 hours of continuous play of a mother's recorded breathing and heartbeat, assisting the baby in falling asleep and aiding in self-soothing throughout their sleep cycle. Multiple scientific research have shown that babies naturally tune into the rhythm of these sounds and stabilise. This in turn leads to more quality sleep & increased well-being.

The Lulla doll's new features include:

- 12 hour playtime
- Volume control
- Extended battery life
- New color combinations
- Enhanced look and softer feel
- Improved sound quality
- Stronger and more durable design
- New packaging

Árni Sigurgeirsson, RoRo's sales manager, will be one of the team members welcoming you at their booth at Kind & Jugend: "We welcome you at our booth to hear more about the miracle sleep solution. We are excited to tell you more about the new sound unit and the doll's improvements".

While RoRo's headquarters are still located in Iceland, it has founded it´s first subsidiary in the US, Rorocare Inc. RoRo's team is also spread all over the world, with distributors and stores in more than 15 countries.

"We are so pleased to see how fast our team is growing and excited to grow even more! We look forward to meeting new distributors and stockists at the Kind & Jugend show, where part of our Icelandic team, including the founder of RoRo, will represent the company and introduce our new designs" says Árni.

Visit RoRo at: Hall 11.1 - Booth B-049

RoRo ehf - Audbrekka 10a, 200 Kopavogur, Iceland
Tel. +354-7718886
Sales contact:
General inquiries:

- RoRo is a company dedicated to helping babies and their caregivers sleep longer and feel better -

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