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Inspired by Their Daughters, They Export to 6 Countries by Making Boutique Production in Their Companies

Inspired by the furniture they designed in Bursa 20 years ago to develop their children's imagination, Yusuf Katana exports to 6 countries with the children's furniture company he founded with his wife. Yusuf Katana, founder of the Moremo company, said, "We started this adventure with our own daughter. After our daughter was born, we realized how important it is to dream for children, how important it is to create a special living space for her at home, and how important designs and objects that will develop her imagination in the living space are in the development of the child."

Katana stated that they do boutique production rather than mass production, and that they design a special room for each child. Expressing that they produce complete MDF and lacquered children's furniture by hand, they use E1 certified MDF and EN 71.3 certified paint that is not harmful to children's health, Katana said, "We design and produce children's furniture in order to touch the lives of children and to further develop their imaginations. Especially recently, due to the pandemic, their rooms have become much more valuable for children. Therefore, we have been working on more special design products recently to make their rooms more livable and much more enjoyable.” SPECIAL PRODUCTS FOR FAMILY OR CHILDREN

Noting that families pay more attention to their children's rooms, Katana emphasized that they want to go beyond the standards. Noting that the expectations of each child and family are different, Katana said, "If we produce the same bed, closet, dresser and crib for everyone, the dream world of children will not be different from each other. That's why we make special productions for individuals, families or children. It's a bit difficult and arduous, but when you look at it from our side, it's incredibly enjoyable" he said. Pointing out that they make different designs for children using technology, Katana explained that design, which is the most enjoyable aspect of this job, begins with dreaming, and drew attention to the fact that they set these dreams with children and their parents. Katana stating that they take what parents want into consideration and consider their needs, shared the following information:


"We are very careful to leave areas in the room where the child can play. Our job is to sell furniture, but that's not our only goal. Our aim is to ensure that the child enjoys his or her room as much as possible. We sometimes try to persuade families to provide enough spaces for the children to play in their room. We try to leave empty spaces by putting a base under the beds or putting two more drawers in the wardrobes and removing the need for a dresser. We are constantly trying to make new designs. Our designs have exceeded thousands. We added slides to the children's rooms. We put bookshelves inside the slides. We put covers under the slides and solved the wardrobe part there. Design is like a world without end. While doing this, our first priority is the safety of children. We do not send any product we make without trying it. If there is a slide, adults slide over that slide several times. Children do not know this at all, but we have always been the first users of those products."


Pervin Katana, the founding partner of the company, stated that they did not give up on boutique production and that they enjoyed their work. Noting that they introduced their products at a fair in Germany in the past years, Katana said, "After the fair, people from many different countries of the world with whom we had no contact, contacted us. There was so much demand that we were surprised. We had to turn down a significant number of requests. We don't want to lose our amateur spirit and enthusiasm besides all years of experience." Katana reported that some companies from England and Switzerland reached out to them and they designed and produced special furniture according to their demands. Referring to the export activities, Katana said:


"A special order for 0-6 month old babies came from England. We prepared and sent the samples before the order. European countries and especially the UK are very sensitive and detailed in this regard. The products we send to the UK were first subjected to the necessary quality and safety tests. We received the answer 'Your products are amazing and have passed all kinds of tests'. After that, we received additional orders from the company and families in England started to use our products safely. We currently have sales points in the UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Greece, Iraq and the Czech Republic."

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