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Luula’s Sensory Desks Luula and Julle are equipped with a liftable chalkboard, which opens the storage for sand or other belongings, clear acrylics board, paper roll, and small open boxes for storing various materials and pens (find out more here: Such table equipment allows the child to use a very wide range of educational activities, at the same time supplementing the study material with information in an attractive way, in several dimensions - simultaneously using different sensations.


Recent research in neuroscience shows that different parts of the brain are activated by language, movement, visual information processing, meaning-making, and other activities, indicating that a person does not have a single type of memory. The child from birth is open to “absorbing” all kinds of information, and it is not just listening, reading, and writing, which was considered a successful learning process in the last century.  The approach you choose to teach children plays an important role and can affect your child’s future reading and writing success.

Perception can be enhanced by expanding sensory incentives. Working in a specific space in several planes with different natural materials, different types of notes,  and the involvement of play elements in the learning process will stimulate children’s curiosity, creates a greater sense of reality, stimulates perception, and activates creativity.


One of the ways to play and learn interestingly along with Luula's desks is to tell instructive multisensory stories  by visualizing the process in several dimensions:

•         create a background for the story on the board. It can be a landscape that can change seasonally, a shop window or a kindergarten. It can be supplemented with paper or other figurines you have created by placing them on the edge of the board;


•         pour sand or peas into large storage, or spread it some colored, textured material. Make houses and other objects from stones and cubes. It will be the main venue of the story - a stage where the characters made or chosen by your child from paper, plasticine or chestnuts will be located;


•         be sure to attach the acrylic board. Draw or built the roof of a house, a rain cloud or a bird can expand horizontally on it. Draw curtains, the sun, or a tree with falling leaves, when the board is vertical. You can display snowflakes on it, draw a bush under which to hide, or write down something very important;


•         the boxes on the right side of the table will contain the materials needed for the work. But if there is space left, there may also be a home for the hero of the fairy tale.


The boundaries of fantasy are indescribable – you will definitely invent your own! Use old balls of yarn, beans, tree leaves, live and dried flowers, rolls of toilet paper, shells, and torn magazine images. Learn to see the possibilities, choose and use everything around you, creating a new, gorgeous fairy tale!



Because the Luula's Tables are great to use with Montessori materials, they greatly facilitate the work of teachers in Montessori centers. They are used with good results in children's education centers that work with children diagnosed with severe developmental disabilities too. Both teachers and parents of children share their observations. The table attracts and motivates to learn new skills even for children with hyperactivity, autism, and even Down syndrome (find out more here: ).

Material: laminated Baltic birch plywood

The tables are designed for the age group from two to 12 years.

All Luula's products meet the following standards:
The product is compliant with the European Union Harmonized Standards for Safety that are internationally accepted (Directive 2009/48 / EC)

I wish you to think through materials and across borders – together with the sensory play and learn table Luula!

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