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We all know that the freedom of movement is the essential part for the physical and mental development of our children. How about the activity toy that would ensure that and much more?  

LiL HOUSE – an innovative company and brand from Latvia, Northern Europe, now offers the multifunctional play cubes of the original design that will provide both physical and learning skills of your child.

The aim of LiL HOUSE activity cubes is to develop the child's physical skills, also fine motor skills, fantasy, creativity and first education skills. This activity cube is the multifunctional activity toy for the child`s independent play time.

LiL HOUSE play cube offers climbing and crawling functions thus training your child`s gross motor skills. Now with the improved design and the security handles it gives children a possibility to move freely and safe, improving their physical abilities. These cubes also include playhouse, chalkboard, table and learning wall functions. Play cube can become a functional and aesthetic part of the children`s room.

LiL HOUSE currently offers three types of activity play cubes:

·       Play cube with ladder;

·       Play cube with ladder and chalkboard;

·       Play cube with ladder, learning wall and insertable decor set for learning.   

Here are some suggestions for use of the playcube:

·       Use the front wall of the cube as an entrance into it and play inside as in a playhouse;

·       Use 2 side walls with the climbing ladder to climb on each side or to move from one side to another by crossing the upper part of the cube. Use security handles on both sides for secure climbing;

·       Use the rear wall of the cube with the chalkboard for drawing or writing on it. Help your child with his/her early learning skills by teaching them shapes, letters and numbers that they can draw/write on the chalkboard;

·       Use the rear wall of the cube with the learning wall for inserting the educational decor set, creating stories and learning;

·       Use the upper part of the cube as a table for your games;

·       Turn the activity cube with the chalkboard part up and use it as a chalkboard table to draw on. In this position you will find one side of the cube open, therefore you can put a chair near the cube and use this cube as a table, as it will provide a comfortable leg position for your child while sitting there;

·       Turn the activity cube with the front /entrance/ part up and use it for different other games – for instance, use the cut-out as the target for the ball. Make your distance from the cube and try to throw the ball into the cut-out;

·       Apply the cube for other games. Please make sure all the chosen activities are safe for your child.  

Besides activity cubes LiL HOUSE also offers unique playhouses for children, a variety of activity boards, wooden learning clocks, play kitchens and play food, educational toys and transformable chairs that "grow along” with a child. We are constantly working on new, functional and original products for children that provide their first educational skills through games.

With warm regards from Latvia,

Your LiL HOUSE team
Ph.: +371 26782827

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