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Bathing fun with the colorful organic washcloths

 The colorful wash animals in child and adult sizes bring even the most water-shy dwarf into the bath! Whether penguin, monkey, octopus, duck or sheep - they all have one mission: to make bathing and washing fun for children.

Not only the cute look, but also the possibility to slip your hands into the washcloths and thus bring the animals with the folding mouth to life, transforms bathing into playtime and inspires parents and children alike.

The BIO washing animals from Fürnis are made exclusively from high-quality organic cotton, which is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and therefore verifiably contains no harmful substances. GOTS-certified organic cotton is guaranteed to be organically grown. This means that no defoliants are used and the organic cotton is harvested by hand. This leads to a higher quality, since no spoiled fibres, capsule and leaf pieces are harvested. Thus, they not only allow for exuberant and skin-friendly play and bathing fun, but also for carefree chewing. In addition, since 2014, the organic wash toys from Fürnis have been produced exclusively in the EU.

The BIO wash toys from Fürnis are not only characterized by their classic design, sustainability and certified organic cotton, but also by their suitability for everyday use!

Material washcloth

Fürnis attaches great importance to sustainable production and transparency. Therefore, our handmade washcloths are produced in the EU and are made from 100% organic cotton. The seams are made of polyester due to the necessary elasticity and tear resistance and help the Fürnis washcloths to have a long service life. The embroidery is made of natural cellulose viscose. This gives the embroidery a special, natural shine and is therefore ideal for decorating our colorful helpers in the bathroom.

Material: 100% organic cotton

Seam: polyester

Embroidery: viscose

DEGRALEN®- BIO plastic packaging

Almost all products that are available in stores today are boxed. Most of the packaging is made of plastic. In order to produce less plastic film waste and to reduce waste, Fürnis has decided to only wrap the washing animals in packaging made of DEGRALEN®, a degradable bio-plastic.

DEGRALEN® is an oxo-degradable polymer that degrades in the environment within 12 to 24 months. It is manufactured under license from EPI Environmental Plastics Corp. (Canada), a pioneer in the field of oxodegradable polymers.
DEGRALEN® technology is absolutely safe for human health. It can be applied to packaging that comes into contact with food. It complies with European standards for safety and ecological toxicity.

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