Cologne: 03.–05.09.2024 #kindundjugend

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"Fun Microfiber Friend: Kids' Favorite | Exhibitor on the Kind + Jugend 2023

"Fun Microfiber Friend: Kids' Favorite

Crafted with the Heart of a Child: Embracing a Journey of Sunglasses Kids Love to Wear

At Mokki, we don't just design sunglasses; we engineer a delightful experience that captures children's hearts. Our journey begins with a simple question: How can we make kids say 'yes' to wearing sunglasses?

From the very inception of our product, we channel the imagination and preferences of kids. The result? Sunglasses that resonate with them. Our Playful Microfiber Animals, designed with the Montessori method, introduce a whimsical element that sparks curiosity. Children are naturally drawn to these charming companions, making the process of wearing sunglasses a joyful adventure.

We understand that comfort is key. Our frames are carefully crafted to ensure a cozy fit, while the Silicone Rubber Nose Pad prevents slipping and ensures lasting comfort. Every detail is a result of meticulous consideration, aligning with what children truly enjoy.

But it's not just about appearance; it's about building a connection. Our sunglasses become an extension of their personality, encouraging a sense of ownership and pride. By incorporating vibrant colors, gentle materials, and an ergonomic design, we nurture a genuine love for our sunglasses.

Mokki Click & Change Sunglasses are more than a practical accessory – they are a testament to the quality of thinking that begins and ends with the needs and adoration of children. Our mission is simple: to create sunglasses that children not only wear but cherish, making eye protection an exciting and cherished part of their everyday journey
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12 Awards in 3 years: Renowned Mokki Click&Change design ensures triple protection for any occasion.