Cologne: 03.–05.09.2024 #kindundjugend

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  PhD, Eur. Erg., FCIEHF Brecht Daams | Speaker of the Kind + Jugend 2023


PhD, Eur. Erg., FCIEHF Brecht Daams
Daams Ergonomie, research and consultancy
Consultant specialised in baby ergonomics

About PhD, Eur. Erg., FCIEHF Brecht Daams

As a consultant specialising in baby ergonomics, Brecht Daams strives to make products like perambulators, car seats and high chairs healthier, safer, easier to use and more comfortable for both babies and adult users. Brecht has 25 years of experience and contributed to several award-winning baby products. She is a member of the Dutch standards committee for children's products and the European standards committees for perambulators and baby carriers. She is the author of a renowned handbook on product ergonomics and since 2004 she writes columns on baby ergonomics for the Dutch professional magazine 'Baby Wereld’.