Cologne: 07.–09.09.2023 #kindundjugend

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World of Kids and Mom Care and Daily

Babies need a lot of affection, care and attention – and the same goes for expecting and nursing moms too. That is why personal care products as well as everyday items for mothers and babies are grouped together in one theme world at Kind + Jugend. Find out what products and innovations you can discover or exhibit here!

Kind + Jugend - World of Kids and Mom Care and Daily

Pregnancy products, baby equipment and breastfeeding accessories

The postpartum period is a very special time for mother and child. Despite the extreme closeness, this natural process is not without its challenges. Many nursing mothers complain of sensitive and sore nipples. Others have trouble breastfeeding their baby at all. Breastfeeding accessories can alleviate these problems. However, products for nursing moms, babies and children in the crawling stage encompass so much more. Kind + Jugend addresses this with a great variety of products.

Products for nursing mothers:

  • Cosmetics/cleaning and personal care products
  • Nipple formers and nipple shields
  • Nipple cream and protection
  • Nursing pads and other nursing accessories
  • Breast pumps, breast milk storage bags and milk collection shells
  • Thermometers

Baby equipment and personal care products:

  • Bathtubs, bath buckets and bath seats
  • Cosmetics and care products
  • Diapers, diaper pants, cloth diapers and diaper bags
  • Diaper pails and radiant heaters for changing tables
  • Teething rings, teats, pacifiers and pacifier chains
  • Bibs and other terry products
  • Baby bottles and accessories
  • Baby bottle vaporisers and disinfection devices
  • Bottle and baby food warmers
  • Plates, cups, beakers and cutlery
  • Snack and lunch boxes
  • Toilet seat attachments and potties

Baby care and more ‒ these trends are still on

Diapers, pacifiers, bibs, baby bottles and accessories ‒ babies and toddlers need many products for personal care as well as for daily use. However, breastfeeding accessories and other products for nursing mothers are only used for a short time – and disposable diapers, wet wipes and changing pads are discarded right after use. At first glance, this does not seem compatible with the continuing trend towards conscious and sustainable living. However, manufacturers of baby products are constantly coming up with new solutions to meet the changing needs of the market.

This can be seen in the renewed increased focus on compostable eco-friendly diapers and washable cloth diapers with snaps. Baby bottles and accessories made of glass or stainless steel are also a popular solution. Increasing use is being of natural rubber, latex and silicone for pacifiers and also wood for pacifier chains. There is also a demand for care products and baby food made with natural, certified ingredients. More and more people are looking at ingredients very carefully, especially when it comes to pregnancy products and baby care.

The trend towards more naturalness is supported by the ongoing digitalisation. For example, expecting mothers can rely on science-based pregnancy apps. This is how this phase can be experienced in a more self-determined and conscious manner. Other mobile applications help to gain a better understanding of the baby’s stages of development and also feel more secure in the role of mother. Experience how digitalisation goes hand in hand with self and baby care at Kind + Jugend !

Baby and children’s products at Kind + Jugend

Modern baby and children’s products are characterised by innovation, sustainability and multifunctionality. This can also be seen and discovered in the other theme worlds of the leading trade fair for baby products in Cologne. Global leading brand manufacturers are represented on an area of more than 120,000 square metres. Over 24,000 trade visitors connect with manufacturers here, learn about new trends and order new, high-quality products directly on site. Visit Kind + Jugend or become an exhibitor! We look forward to your participation.