Cologne: 03.–05.09.2024 #kindundjugend

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Innovation Award 2023

Nominees World of Kids Care

Baby lies on a grey mat, a woman is bent over it

Cuddl heated changing pad

Vinnybaby B.V., Hall 11.2, Stand G26a

The Cuddl heated changing pad is the only available changing pad with an integrated heating element.

It is safe to use thanks to the low-voltage (12 volt) element and it takes less than one minute to warm up to an enjoyable 37 degrees Celsius while only consuming 0,015kWh of power.

The use of the Cuddl heated changing pad ensures happy baby's (and by extent happy parents) during otherwise stressful times such as nappy changes and drying off and putting on clothing after a relaxing bath. It is also a perfect and much more environmentally friendly alternative for the (for example in Germany) very familiar heating lamps above a changing pad.

The anti-slip surface on the bottom ensures safe use when baby's start moving around.

Baby lies on a grey mat with Little Place printed on it, feet pointing towards the camera

Little Place Lagerungssystem

Julius Zöllner GmbH & Co KG, Hall 10.1, Stand C10/D19

Little Place enables both, prevention and therapy, of positioning-related head deformities. Simultaneously, Little Place complies with the international recommendations for a save sleep enviroment, since no movable parts are in use. With its specially shaped mattress, Little Place allows optimal distribution of the pressure on the head while lying on the back. A smooth lateral positioning of the head can be motivated by folding in one of the two wings. Alternate positioning of the head is a measure to prevent cranial deformation.

If a position-related head deformation already exists, Little Place allows to naturally lift pressure of the unaffected side of the occiput. This way the scull can grow back into its natural form.

Due to its supporting geometry as well as to the optional leg roll, Little Place picks up aspects of developmental care and can thus contribute to an improved sleep.

Food processor stands in front of a round container filled with various foods

Multi Cooking Divider

SOCIALBEAN, Hall 10.1, Stand C64

It's already exhausting to mom taking care of baby all day.

Moreover moms cooking at least twice for every meal for their baby and other family members.

"Is there any way let moms free from that kind of inconvenience?" We invent this product starting from this question.

By using this Multi cooking divider, you can save you time and energy. Three separated cells make it possible to cook three different dishes at once. Patented heat circulation structure and water furrows makes heat goes evenly into deep inside.

This divider can be used making not only baby porridge, but also steam vegetable, cheese cake and breads etc, at once.

This Multi cooking divider helps saving gas, electricity and reduce detergent using and water waste by simplified cooking process. We will keep inventing sustainable products to provide our future generation Green Earth.

Two nappy packs against a red background, an advertising slogan is at the top


Arkan Grup, Hall 11.2, Stand F54

As Arkan Group Healthcare Products, in collaboration with Medipol University, we have developed Pinemed, a urine bag integrated baby diaper that provides an alternative to all these methods. With Pinemed, infants who need to undergo urine testing can provide a urine sample comfortably, using the familiar texture of their everyday diaper. The cross-fiber breathable layer hold feces while allowing the urine to pass through. With Pinemed, urine sample collection has become a more cost-effective, sterile, and easy procedure