Cologne: 03.–05.09.2024 #kindundjugend

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Innovation Award 2023

Nominees World of Sustainability for Kids

Child seats with a black shell and light grey lining

BeSafe Stretch B

BeSafe, Hall 10.2, Stand C08

The BeSafe Stretch B is totally developed from a sustainability perspective, according the principles of the so called 'value hill'. The lifespan is expanded to 15 years, where most carseats have a max. lifetime of 7-8 years. This is done by using durable materials like Aluminium which is not subject to corrosion and EPP, which is a very tough and durable foam type. The product is developed to get repairs for parts which can wear and can be refurbished after a usage period of 7 years to get it secured and fresh again for a second usage period. Where possible recycled materials are used, for example for the polyester fabrics. When the product is at the end of its lifespan, the product can be disassembled and different materials can be recycled.

White mattress that opens on one side to reveal a turquoise interior

Matratze Wind

Träumeland GmbH, Hall 10.1, Stand D10/E11

Developed for the future

With our new "Wind" mattress, we are taking another step towards sustainability as a climate-neutral company.

For the first time, it has been possible to develop a mattress core that is 50% produced from raw materials that already come from the circular economy. State-of-the-art techniques of upcycling and recycling are applied to save raw materials and extract new recyclables from used foam products. Whether by adding value to tailor residues (composite foam) or dissolving foams into their raw material base (polyol) and using them again in Orbis foam. The "sleep safety" mattress cover is made with 10% TENCEL™ x REFIBRA™ fibers obtained from recycled textiles.

Thus, our mattress "Wind" not only provides comfort, but also makes an active contribution to environmental protection through the use of recycled materials.

Black tyre for a pram

reTyre Bio-Based Tires

reTyre AS, Hall 10.2, Stand C17

Introducing the world's first pneumatic pram tyre made entirely without rubber, showcasing a breakthrough in eco-friendly design, performance, and affordability. Our innovative bio-based thermoplastic elastomer tyres are 100% reusable, outperforming conventional rubber tyres with limited eco-credentials. The whole tyre can be fully repurposed into a new tyre in a scalable, economical and environmentally friendly manner, fostering a closed-loop circular economy. Emphasizing our commitment to reducing environmental impact, advanced production technology enables local manufacturing at competitive costs, drastically lowering shipping emissions. Experience a revolutionary, truly eco-conscious tyre with reTyre.

Man standing next to a grey pram and looking down at it

Voksi Adventure / Voksi Adventure North

HTS BeSafe AS, Hall 10.2, Stand C08

An innovative high quality sleeping bag concept with unique construction and materials. In these super lightweight products, the spend of raw materials are reduced with 50% comparing to similar type of sleeping bags on the market. The use of raw materials in the soft goods industry have a huge impact on CO2 emissions. Our commitment to sustainability doesn´t mean compromising on performance. In fact, our lightweight sleeping bags not only minimize environmental footprint, but also enhance insulation capabilities. We have carefully selected durable and lightweight materials to create a high-performing product that is remarkably comfortable and convenient to bring along as a parent. Adventure and Adventure North have unique arm openings that can be opened and closed, so the baby can be comfortable warm around their neck, but still use their hands.